In summer , the days get longer and we, too, enjoy our evenings outdoors for as long as possible. Feast with your loved ones on the terrace, laugh and toast to life with cool drinks. It’s even nicer if dinner can be prepared together outside. Our outdoor kitchens offer the comfort and luxury you need for long evenings on the patio.

made for outside

Our CUBIC outdoor kitchen withstands all weather conditions. High-quality materials and many years of know-how guarantee the longevity of the outdoor kitchen.


There are no limits to your individual visions and ideas. Be inspired and design your CUBIC outdoor kitchen according to your wishes.

365 days a year

Rain, storm, snow, salt, sand or sun. All elements of the outdoor kitchen can be used all year round.


The body of the outdoor kitchen consists of our robust, weather-resistant CUBIC outdoor material and is painted in the color of your choice.

modular manufacturing

Due to order-related production and a modular construction concept, every CUBIC outdoor kitchen can be individually tailored to unusual requirements.


For a more natural look, the kitchen can be clad with wooden slats. In this case you can opt for a special wood such as larch, sipo, iroko or our durable Lignum-T. 

outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen


The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN | C1 stands for the individual design of your personal needs. Intelligent planning can make some things easier and more practical in the outdoor area. This outdoor kitchen follows this principle in its flexible design. The CUBIC outdoor kitchen | C1 is made up of different elements. A grill module enables the installation of a high-quality gas grill or a ceramic grill. A high-quality stainless steel sink and an intelligent waste system are housed in the so-called sink module. Additional storage modules create space for all utensils. A refrigerator can be accommodated in another element. The linear shapes characterize the overall picture and form a unit. The CUBIC outdoor kitchen C1 can be planned as a wall row, free-standing cooking island and as a kitchen block, also in combination. Our KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD can also offer a perfect complement.

To the outdoor kitchen C1

Through intelligent minimization, the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C2 becomes a filigree variant of the CUBIC outdoor kitchen by means of a puristic design. Closing doors and flush fronts give the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C2 an elegant look. The slat paneling gives the kitchen a special highlight. A thin worktop underlines the light design, the standard worktop is 16mm thick. As usual, the design and arrangement of the modules can be freely combined.

To the outdoor kitchen C2

Open room planning, clear architectural axes: This outdoor kitchen embodies the fusion of outdoor cooking and outdoor living into a holistic living space. The fronts of the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN | C3 are faced with the same ceramics as the worktop and studs. This creates a design that has never existed before in the outdoor area: an exquisite look that harmonises perfectly with its surroundings and merges seamlessly with it.

To the outdoor kitchen C3

All elements of the different collections can be connected to each other. Would you like a ceramic veneer and still want the free base of the C2 collection? We would be happy to plan this outdoor kitchen individually with you!

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