Everything in one place. THE KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD provides a better overview for the outdoor cooking.

Outdoor kitchen with sink


The CUBIC KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD offers everything you need for a better overview and order when cooking outdoors. Thanks to the innovative interior layout, everything that is regularly used when cooking is in the immediate vicinity: spices, pans, kitchen utensils and crockery. Everything is arranged in such a way that it is immediately visible, ready to hand and placed in the intended place. You have enough space in the closet for the essentials. Ideal for terraces and anyone who needs a little more storage space. The CUBIC KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD can also be equipped with a sink, a dishwasher or a refrigerator. The entire interior is optimally protected from bad weather and stays clean all year round – so you can start cooking outdoors immediately, without the need for time-consuming cleaning beforehand. Of course, the CUBIC KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD also corresponds to the usual CUBIC quality: absolutely weatherproof, 365 days a year!

Depending on your preference, the basic functions of the CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN can also be integrated into a cooking island. This is how your outdoor kitchen becomes the place to cook and communicate. With a kitchen island, people in the garden are in one common place. Water, fridge and grill are integrated in one central place. It offers a large work area for preparing, cooking and grilling as well as enough storage space.

The Kitchen In A Cupboard is a full outdoor kitchen and as such can also be fitted with a fridge, sink, dishwasher and storage space. The worktop is made of ceramic as standard.

outdoor kitchen