We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our outdoor furniture. Therefore, with great care we select only high quality wood.


A very natural, bright appearance can be created with larch slats. Due to its high raw density, larch wood has good elasto-mechanical properties and its high load-bearing capacity is complemented by high weather resistance. It is also highly resistant to chemicals. If left untreated, the wood will develop a light grayish patina after some time. We are happy to glaze the larch in a desired colour and thus adapt it to existing elements in the garden.


Sipo wood from the mahogany family has its typical reddish-brown colour and uniform structure. The wood is very weather-resistant and has good stability. This means that in addition to the slat covering, it can also be used for our CUBIC Lounge. Due to the effects of sun, rain, etc., the colour of the wood changes to a light reddish gray tone.



Iroko is a very hard wood – significantly harder than oak – and the most common wood in Africa. Due to its properties and its natural stability and resistance, Iroko can be used in many areas – including outdoors. The wood has a golden to olive green-brown colour. The patina that occurs due to weathering is grey-brown – similar to teak wood. Due to its great stability, Iroko can also be used for our CUBIC Lounge.


Lignum-T is a thermally treated North American hardwood. The treatment gives the wood great weather-resistant properties without having to use tropical wood. The homogeneously grown wood has a teak brown colour and impresses with its reserved, elegant look and extremely pleasant feel. The wood is also very light and low-stress, making it perfect for CUBIC slat cladding. Currently, Lignum-T acquires a similar patina to Iroko and harmonises well with teak.


For a particularly natural charm, you can cover your furniture with stylish wooden slats. These can be arranged both vertically and horizontally and can be attached to the back wall, side wall or front as required. We only use the highest quality wood, which is characterised by its durability outdoors. Wood is a natural material that changes due to UV radiation, temperature differences and weathering. Depending on the type of wood, there may be colour changes, but these do not affect the stability and durability of the wood. This process is a natural part of the aging process. Special woods and coatings are available upon request. We or your local partner will be happy to provide original samples.

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