All about storage. Whether it rains, storms or snows – in the CUBIC BOX your cushions and pillows are well protected in any weather.

In the CUBIC BOX the cushions and pads of your outdoor seating furniture will find a safe place all year round. Whether it rains, storms or snows. The special ventilation system prevents the formation of condensation and odors without water entering the box. To ensure that all cushions can also be conveniently stowed away, we will be happy to customize the box exactly to your cushion quantity or to a special place on site.


For a particularly natural and charming look, the box can be fully or partially covered with wooden slats. These can be arranged both horizontally and vertically.


The CUBIC box is available in different standard sizes as well as special sizes. We will gladly send you details upon request.


When selecting the surface, you can choose from our eight standard colors or, for an additional charge, any desired color from RAL, Sikkens or NCS. In addition, you can choose from our four standard woods for this purpose.

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